Board of Directors

The people behind the Foundation

Lia Borsellino


The Foundation has been in my life since I was just a little girl. It is something that I know and love with all my heart. I am proud of all that it has accomplished, and excited to be a part of what’s to come. As we enter the Fondation Franca Dora 10th anniversary, I am honoured to be nominated as the General Manager and plan to fulfill the Foundation’s wish to provide children with the opportunity to fulfill themselves and grow up healthy. I truly believe every child deserves a happy and healthy life and I credit the Foundation for giving more children possibilities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

I would like to thank all the past and future donors, for without you none of this would be possible.

Consolato Gattuso


Having been involved year after year in the Franca Dora Foundation since its creation, I am proud of its success and inspired by the results achieved by the children who have benefited from its donations.

Yves Lussier

Member of the Board of Directors

Founding member of the Franca Dora Foundation, I have been participating for close to seven years as member of the Board of Directors in an effort to make the Foundation’s mission a success: Tomorrow’s future, our youth.

Matteo Marricco

Member of the Board of Directors

What attracted me to the Franca Dora foundation is our shared vision of alleviating the maximum amount of child suffering possible with the resources we have at our disposition. It’s very gratifying to be part of an organization that makes a difference for suffering children and their families.

Linda Rosenthal

Member of the Board of Directors

It was a great honour to have been asked to join the Franca Dora Foundation committee in 2010 and to have been asked back to help out again in 2011. Having attended all of their fundraisers in the past and having known the Borsellino family for many years, I have always delighted in the success and growth of the Franca Dora Foundation. The FDF has been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Many of the children’s hospitals, schools and programs that they help do not have the means to function without their assistance. You may say I am one of their biggest “cheerleaders”!

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