Since its inception, the Franca Dora Foundation has financially supported several healthcare establishments and various organizations, with always the same objective in mind: the optimal fulfillment of all children.

Every donation helps the Foundation fulfill its mission and complete other projects of the outmost priority. In a context where our health care system and social services network cannot fulfill all of the current needs, the private sector must come to the rescue.

The Foundation relies wholeheartedly on your generosity to fully restore the dignity of children and help them develop socially. You too can make a difference in their life at this very moment. To help you carry out this gesture of solidarity, we have set up a convenient online donation form. If you prefer to send a Cheque or Money Order by mail, please use this donation form in PDF format.

We thank you in advance for all donations forwarded to the Franca Dora Foundation. With the help of all the physicians sitting on its board of directors whose work is devoted to children, the Foundation can assuredly support the most inspirational projects.

Donation Form

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